Florida Hockey Player Making Waves & Succeeding in Northeast USPHL Hockey League

Tobin Winslow’s Hockey Development Has Roots in Florida

Tobin Winslow, born on January 31, 2001, in Jacksonville Florida, started playing the sport he loved at the age of 10.  In 2011, Winslow began his hockey development in Florida and has had so much success; he was recruited by the Northern Cyclones in the 2017-2018 season and spent the last two seasons playing AAA/Tier 1 hockey out of New Hampshire.

Honor Roll Student and Florida’s Talented Twenty Program Award

Tobin attended his first 2 years of high school at Mandarin High School in Jacksonville, FL, and received honor roll recognition throughout his four years of high school. Even while taking challenging AP and honors-level courses and playing hockey, Tobin persisted in his academics and received outstanding grades earning him a place in Florida’s Talented Twenty Program, in the top 20th percentile of his class. In his freshman year of high school, Tobin tried his skill and athleticism at lacrosse for the first time where he tried out for his high school lacrosse team.  He not only made the very senior-dominated squad, he also ended up earning a varsity letter in lacrosse his freshmen through junior year.  He chose not to play his senior year so he could focus on his hockey training and development.

Florida Hockey Player Making Waves & Succeeding in Northeast USPHL Hockey League | Elite Junior Profiles

Tobin graduated high school with a 3.5 GPA while keeping up with his rigorous daily hockey training schedule on and off the ice.

Success in Florida Led to Recruitment by Northern Cyclones out of New Hampshire

During his early high school years, Tobin took his hockey game to the next level and put his skills on display, earning him the nomination of assistant captain in his 14U and 15U minor year, with the Orlando Jr. Knights. After several years of playing hockey in Florida, Winslow was recruited by the Northern Cyclones in Hudson, New Hampshire. At the age of 16, Tobin moved away from his family to pursue his dreams and his love of the game. Now, Tobin is continuing to play hockey up north and is looking to make another jump to the next level in his hockey career.

Florida Hockey Player Making Waves & Succeeding in Northeast USPHL Hockey League | Elite Junior Profiles

From the very beginning of his hockey career to the present day, Tobin has earned a number of achievements through hard work, commitment, and keen focus.  One of his most notable qualities is being able to pick up and learn new things quickly. Tobin stepped on the ice for the first time at 10 years old, learning to skate and play hockey at the same time. His desire to play was fueled by an older cousin and wanting to play just like him.  His parents found the only ice rink in town and enrolled him in a week-long learn to play.  Bloody feet and a week later, he has not taken his skates off since.  Tobin now competes at a very high level, with players who, for the most part, started skating as soon as they could walk. Being a late beginner in the sport of hockey can be a big disadvantage, but Tobin hasn’t let that hinder him at all, instead, he has used it as fuel to achieve greater in a shorter window of time.  Tobin has competed in the USA Hockey Southeastern District Regionals and was selected to participate in the Hockey Night in Boston All-Star game at age 14.  He was recruited at that time to go play for the Northern Cyclones; his parents were not ready for that commitment.  Winslow has been sought after for several Tier 1 tournament teams over the past 2 years while playing in New Hampshire. Tobin was also selected as the assistant captain for the Tier 1 U16 Northern Cyclones team.

A Bright Future Fueled by Passion and Big Goals

Tobin has many ambitious goals for the future; his passion and commitment in everything he chooses to participate in has proven very successful thus far. He has established a few short-term goals for the upcoming season, and to continue to improve his game. Winslow said he wishes to, “be more offensive and create more opportunities to score by using my defensive skills to break up plays and turn them the other way. I would also like to be more mobile as a D-man by moving the puck consistently and joining the offensive play.” Tobin aspires to play in the NCDC or Tier 2 Junior leagues in the next 1-2 seasons. Winslow said, “I want to play D1 College hockey.”  With this goal in mind, Tobin continues to utilize his excellent work ethic towards that goal every day. Tobin shoots hundreds of pucks daily to develop his shooting skills, shot consistency and strength. Tobin spends time in the gym when not on the ice, to condition for the season. While home in Florida, this offseason, he finds ice and training where ever he can get it.  Most recently he has spent time training with ECHL players from the Jacksonville Icemen.  His parents, coaches, and teammates all shared that Tobin’s work ethic and commitment to be his best is one of his greatest characteristics and character strengths. We wish Tobin all the best as he chases down his dreams! If you want to follow Tobin on Instagram, his profile is: https://www.instagram.com/twinslow17/

Florida Hockey Player Making Waves & Succeeding in Northeast USPHL Hockey League | Elite Junior Profiles

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