About Elite Junior Profiles

Here’s a little background about who we are and why our Founders created Elite Junior Profiles…

Paul Pechmann
Paul Pechmann | President | Head Coach Elon University Men’s Hockey

Elite Junior Profiles was created by coach Paul Pechmann in partnership with a marketing and software partner that powers our world-class technology, website and marketing efforts for EJP and our student-athletes using the platform to build a stellar online profile and using it to differentiate themselves in the highly competitive space of junior and college athletics and the college recruiting process.

Paul Pechmann has been coaching hockey and developing young men for over 12 years in youth, juniors and college hockey. He is the current head coach for Elon University Men’s Hockey and is also a Tier 2/Tier 3 Junior Hockey Scout and Advisor.

Why Was Elite Junior Profiles Created?

We created and developed this platform from very unique perspectives:

  1. A Coach/Recruiter’s perspective
  2. A Player/Student-Athlete’s perspective
  3. A Parent’s perspective
  4. A Marketing and Online perspective

We have all four of these very distinct perspectives “baked” into the strategy, the platform and the services we provide to all three types of people we work with and serve. This unique approach we took results in the world’s most powerful platform for student-athletes to seriously differentiate themselves using our proprietary DISC Enhanced Profile™ and use this cutting-edge resume to introduce themselves to coaches, recruiters, scouts, selection committees and even in early job interviews post-college.

We have input from dozens of college and high-level junior coaches on exactly the information they want and need to evaluate a student-athlete away from the court/ice/field/course/pool, etc. Using our profile-building platform, a student-athlete can provide coaches a rich set of information to prospective teams and coaches they want to play for.

For coaches and scouts, the Elite Junior Profile platform is custom-tailored to give them all the information they asked for, and then some. With our DISC Enhanced Profile™, we provide coaches deep insight into the character, personality, and communication profile of the student-athlete along with a rich dataset of information that no other profile service on the web provides today. We are truly unique.

What Does Elite Junior Profiles Do for Players and Parents?

Before we explain this, it is critical for ALL parents and players to understand a few factual statistics:

  1. Less than 5% of all high-school-age athletes are proactively recruited by college coaches. The rest of them have to market themselves and reach out to the programs, scouts, and coaches to initiate the recruiting process;
  2. Under 15% of all high-school-age athletes actually end up playing their primary sport in the NCAA at all (varies by sport, see our rich resource on this topic HERE.)

There are 100’s to 1000’s of student-athletes competing for a very few coveted spots each college recruiting season. 85 out of 100 players (or more) do NOT get the spot they want or thought they would get. If you want to be one of the few in the minority, you are going to have do some extra and different things than the majority and this is the gap that Elite Junior Profiles bridges for student-athletes and their parents.

Elite Junior Profiles (EJP) assists high-achieving student-athletes and their parents build, grow, enhance and showcase the student-athlete’s online profile with their social media info and resume including accomplishments, abilities, awards and future goals to prospective scouts, colleges, coaches, committees and organizations.

EJP also provides Student-Athlete consulting and marketing services for those families looking for expert assistance navigating the youth to high school to college process for their student-athlete and who realize the small investment in being proactive in uniquely marketing themselves will pay huge dividends in reaching their highest goals. 

Our Vision Statement:

Our vision for Elite Junior Profiles is to grow into the largest, most effective, recruiting profile platform in the world used by student-athletes and coaches in every sport from youth, to high school/juniors to college.

Our Mission Statement:

The mission at Elite Junior Profiles is to help student-athletes uniquely position and market themselves online while assisting both coaches and athletes identify good matches with each other on the EJP platform. Our goal is to give each student-athlete the tools and connections needed to reach their highest goals in their sport and academically.

We are very excited about Elite Junior Profiles and what our platform can do to help you reach your biggest goals and aspirations as a college-bound student-athlete!

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