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Playing Tier 2 Junior A for the Hearst Lumberjacks of the NOJHL for the 2020-2021 Season. Studying Sports Management at Brock University.

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I have aged out of U18 in Canada and will playing for the Hearst Lumberjacks of the NOJHL for the 2020-2021 season.  I have also been accepted to Honours Bachelor of Sports Management Program at Brock University.  My plan is to take courses online while playing Junior Hockey.  The plan would be to try and get a D1 or D3 offer at a US College or Canadian University afterwards.  I have a strong work ethic and leadership skills that would be an asset to any college team.  

April 6
180 lbs
Left Wing
Thunder Bay
P7A 3P5
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March 23rd, 2020


Re: Recommendation for Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce, Scholarship applicant:

Mason Bazaluk


I have had the pleasure of getting to know Mason over the past two years through the game of hockey. Mason has played for the Thunder Bay Kings AAA hockey organization for several seasons, most recently with the U-18 AAA elite team.


This year he earned the role of team captain, an honor bestowed upon him unanimously by his teammates. Mason took this responsibility seriously demonstrated through his strong work ethic, commitment, and positive caring character. He has shown excellent leadership and mentoring skills throughout the season. This team played all but three games away from home with the closest being six hours away. Long bus rides and countless nights in hotels have its challenges for our group of 16 and 17-year old young men. We have team boundaries and expectations that require scheduling and planning on the players’ part, life skills that Mason not only excelled at but helped ensure other players understood and met.


A big part in the overall success of a team sport is its leaders. For the coaching staff, we attribute much of our success to Mason. On the ice, he leads by example; always on time and works relentlessly every day at bettering himself and his team. What impressed me most was observing him do the little things with a big impact for the team.  For example, walking from one end of the bench to the other during games when his teammates were struggling. He was always there to offer a message of encouragement or a simple pat on the shoulder, anything to bring spirits up. He lead the team in homework sessions during travel, helped lead off-ice team workouts and organized team events just to name a few. Mason was always the last one out of the dressing room after a game. This wasn’t asked of him, but he choose to do so to ensure the room was neat and tidy, thus leaving a good impression of our Organization.  


As the team captain, Mason was called upon by the coaching staff to help deliver our program, enforce boundaries, and relay messages to the team. At times, he was asked to help bring a player or groups of players into check, not an easy task for anyone at any level, especially a young 17-year-old.  Mason’s calm, calculated, and level-headed character always found a way to ensure what was asked of him was achieved. This is impressive to say the least, when you have a group of high energy players all with strong personalities. This was possible because of the upmost respect the players had of Mason.


Mason is a mature young man with a strong work ethic and commitment in furthering his education. Based on this, I believe he is deserving of a scholarship to meet his goals. I am confident he will become a valued and contributing member of our community in Thunder Bay.



Marco Grigio

Trainer, Thunder Bay Kings AAA U-18 Hockey

My Work Style Tendencies:

  • I prefer precise time management and enjoy meetings that begin and end on time.
  • I may hesitate to trust newer people in the organization, until they have established their credibility.
  • I demonstrate a high degree of quality control awareness.
  • I am likely to be one of the few members of the project team who has read all of the “fine print”
    featured in policies or procedures.
  • I have an instant awareness of mistakes and instances of lapsed quality control.
  • I may tend to be a “worrier” (in a positive way), giving thought to work projects even when away from the job. You may come in after a weekend of thinking and offer an ideal solution.
  • I tend to be most effective in a work culture featuring minimal conflicts.

I Tend to Be Most Effective In Environments That Provide:

  • A work group which provides close relationships with a small group of associates, rather than superficial
    relationships with a larger group of people.
  • Complete information, details, and examples, with no gaps or surprises
  • Highly specialized assignments and technical areas of responsibility.
  • Freedom from intensely pressured decisions.
  • Standard, accepted operating procedures that sometimes support complex processes.
  • A work environment with a predictable pattern of activity, so as to monitor quality processes.
  • Support of your critical thinking skills.
Academic Profile
St. Ignatius High School
High School

Honour Roll for 2018-2019 and 2019-2020

Currently on the protected list of the Virden Oil Capital of the Manitoba Junior Hockey League

Playing with the Hearst Lumberjacks of the NOJHL for the 2020-2021 Season

2019-2020 All NAPHL 18U Team – Elite Division

2019-2020 NAPHL 18U Academic Honor Roll

Ontario Scholar

Recipient of the Alex “Moe” Irving Memorial Scholarship from the Thunder Bay Minor Hockey Association

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Prior Teams, Coaches and References
Thunder Bay Kings U18 AAA
Hearst Lumberjacks Junior A

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