Welcome to our Recruiting 101 page.  Here you will find all the latest articles, videos, and blog posts on college athletic recruiting; including advice, guidance, and tips from our college athletic recruiting experts.Our Recruiting Basics Blog has up to date information on the latest in college athletic recruiting.  Our FAQGlossary, and Myths pages will help you sort through the recruiting process in a straight-forward and honest way.

Mythbusting Video Series

  • MYTH #1- “If I’m good enough, coaches will find me”
  • MYTH #2- “My coach is going to get me recruited”
  • MYTH #3- “D2/D3/NAIA schools are weaker athletically”
  • MYTH #4- “State schools are ALWAYS less expensive”
  • MYTH #5- “I’m not good enough to play in college”
  • MYTH #6- “I can always just be a walk-on”
  • MYTH #7- “I need an athletic scholarship”
  • MYTH #8- “Recruiting starts Senior year”
  • MYTH #9- “I’m already being recruited”

Interview Video Series

  • Are you good enough to play in College?
  • What is the best time to get recruited?
  • What are the most common recruiting mistakes?
  • How important are showcases and recruiting events?
  • Should you rely on your Coach to get you recruited?

Recruiting Basics Video Series

  • How to respond to college coaches
  • Responding to a first contact from a college coach
  • When should I commit? 
  • 5 most common recruiting mistakes 
  • How to talk to college coaches 
  • The summer exposure circuit 
  • Creating your top 20 list
  • Financial aid packaging
  • The differences between D1, D2, & D3
  • Determining if a school in interested in you (coming soon)
  • Being realistic in the recruiting process (coming soon)
  • Using video in the recruiting process (coming soon)
  • How coaches narrow down recruits (coming soon)
  • Dealing with your high school and club coaches (coming soon)
  • Preparing for your Senior season (coming soon)
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