Florida Goalie, Aiden Winslow, Stands Like a Brick Wall in Net Says Hockey Coach

Aiden Winslow | Florida Alliance U16 AAA Team

Aiden Winslow, a 2003 birth year hockey player from Jacksonville Florida, began his hockey career at the age of 9 years old. Aiden is a driver/influence character-type who blends data and facts to address challenges and inspire others to action according to his profile on Elite Junior Profiles. His strong suit is working on teams/projects where attention to detail is an asset. In addition, he is inclined to be goal-oriented. Aiden’s natural strengths include taking on many roles and working on teams or tasks where flexibility and multitasking are needed. Skilled at assessing a situation and cooperating with others to find a solution, Aiden gets enjoyment from taking action after considering alternatives. He solves problems by connecting with peers to elicit feedback and actually likes being under some pressure to analyze and solve a problem. Aiden finds potential solutions through testing or trial-and-error, feels compelled to find the right solution as if it were a challenge and seems to intuitively know whether something will work or not before others do.

Florida Goalie Finds Rising Success in Florida Alliance AAA Program

In his early years leading up to this point, Aiden struggled to find the sport he really loved until he stepped on the ice for the first time. Aiden quoted, “I worked extremely hard on and off the ice and in the gym, as well as my studies.” Having found his mark, Aiden has turned into a rising success in the youth hockey world.

After his first few years of development, Aiden made the Florida Alliance 15U AAA team which competed in the North American Prospects League (NAPHL), an impressive jump at a young age. With a shutdown type of season in his early years of his hockey career, it was clear Winslow was able to compete and put his skills on display even after picking up the game at a later age. Aiden has now moved on to the Florida Alliance 16U AAA team for the upcoming 2019-2020 season and has great expectations of repeating his success at an even higher level.

Aiden Winslow

Coach Ryan Brindley Says Aiden Winslow is “Like a Brick Wall in Net”

Aiden, at 6’0” and 175 lbs, “stands as a brick wall in the net” for a 2003 birth year according to his coaches. Aiden has developed an outstanding track record with remarkable achievements. In the 2017-18 season, Winslow was selected in the NCDC Futures Draft by the Northern Cyclones club. “I like to strive to be as controlled as Carey Price, but as athletic as Sergi Bobrovsky,” remarked Aiden.  

While continuing the early years of his career with the Alliance AAA program out of Florida, Aiden’s achievements have not gone unnoticed. He was recently highlighted as the NAPHL’s peak performer last season, an outstanding and memorable achievement for a goalie. Aiden not only succeeds on the ice but in school too. While away from home, Aiden keeps up with his schoolwork through Florida Virtual school, with an impressive GPA of 5.0 unweighted.

Aiden Winslow

Strong Character and Academics also a Big Focus for this Dynamic Goalie

“Being an excellent hockey player isn’t all about skills or how good you are. How you act and carry yourself off the ice is what defines you as a hockey player too,” he remarked. Aiden displays great character and is praised by his fellow teammates, coaches and family constantly. Aiden is an excellent player on the ice, in the locker room and in the classroom. When he’s not playing hockey or working out Aiden says he loves to hang out with teammates and play tennis, and soccer. At only 16, he has a bright future ahead of him as he looks to make the jump to the next level. Winslow has many goals for the future also, including his goal to play Tier 1 juniors and division one college someday.

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