New Resource for Elite Student-Athletes in the College Recruiting Process

Elite Junior Profiles Announces New Partnerships and launch of proprietary DISC Enhanced Profile™

Good News for Student-Athletes and Their Parents Looking for Help Navigating the College Recruiting Process from Middle School to High School to College

Elite Junior Profiles provides amateur student-athletes and coaches/recruiters a unique and proprietary platform via its website plus social media and other digital marketing strategies to give them a differentiator in the college recruiting process. — Paul Pechmann, co-founder of Elite Junior Profiles

Standing Out and Differentiating Yourself a Key to Success in the College Recruiting Process

Most student-athletes at the higher levels have a goal of playing their sport in college or even professionally. The reality is, there are thousands and thousands of players all over the world who share the same future goals to play in college at the NCAA DI-DIII level and only a very small percentage of them will actually achieve this goal.

So the question all student-athletes and their parents should be asking is, “what are you doing to stand out from all the other players who are hoping for the same outcome as you?” What is your playing career trajectory if you change nothing?

Leagues and teams at every level, especially college, are NOT solely made up of the best players. Teams and coaches have limited time, resources, and recruiting budgets. There are many qualified players who never get an opportunity at the next level, especially college, simply because they did not do the extra things required to get on the radar of these coaches and teams early enough and in a unique way that made them stand out just a little from the 1000’s of other players jockeying for the same few coveted positions.

College Recruiting Statistics Not In Favor of the Majority of High School Student-Athletes

Put simply, you must do more than just being a really good player in your sport and having a good GPA (above 3.0). Statistically speaking only about 10% of all NCAA eligible athletes will play their sport in college at the D1-DIII level. See the estimated probability of competing in college athletics chart below from the NCAA for reference.

So ~90% of all student-athletes will not make it to the college level in their sport. The disconnect that exists is that if you ask 10 high school freshman athletes (and their parents) who are playing at a very high level already if they will play in college, you will get 9 yes answers and maybe 1 honest no. The numbers are flipped when you ask the parents or the athletes but the reality is far different and the data/statistics don’t lie.

Elon University hockey coach Paul Pechmann had this to say about the college recruiting process, “As a parent of a youth athlete, 90%+ will have a student-athlete that needs to do a lot more in terms of charting out their process to college and understanding that they MUST market and position themselves differently from the pack to get the college opportunities they are seeking, especially if they want to play their primary sport in college and use that as a vehicle to get a better offer. You’ve invested a lot of time, money and sweat equity into helping your son or daughter make it this far in their sport and academics but the unfortunate truth is that most parents don’t know what to do to get their child to the next level, especially college, and end up fumbling the ball (to use a sports analogy) in the process. Said another way, if you and your student-athlete do what 90% (the vast majority) do, you will end up with the same results that the majority get. If you do nothing different you will get nothing different. Don’t make that mistake!”

Estimated Probability of Competing in College Athletics

Google Searches Part of the Recruiting Research Process for Most Coaches

Elite Junior Profiles queried dozens of college and junior level coaches about their recruiting activities. Almost all college coaches (and this can include higher-level youth/amateur coaches too) said they use GOOGLE as part of their recruiting efforts to get more info on the student-athletes that are on their radar and this process can start as early as 13-14 years old. By the time your son or daughter is a sophomore in high school, they should be proactively reaching out to colleges that they would like to attend based on their criteria (sport, major, in-state vs out of state, private vs public, costs, GPA, test scores, etc.).

What do coaches find when they Google search your son or daughter’s name? Is that first page of results filled with positive news, images, videos and content about their accomplishments, character and the things that make them unique and an asset to an organization, team or college? Are they focused on building an online profile and presence that impresses and differentiates? Do they have a complete profile or resume that aggregates all the critical information about their academics, playing resume, character strengths, behavioral and communication style, highlight videos, social media accounts along with personal and coaching references?

The good news is that there are solutions like Elite Junior Profiles to help the 90% stand out, market themselves and influence the search results for their name with positive news about themselves and thus greatly enhance their prospects of getting the college offer they are looking for. 

The College Recruiting Funnel by Elite Junior Profiles

About the DISC Enhanced Profile™ and Team Program from Elite Junior Profiles

The proprietary Team Program from Elite Junior Profiles seeks to help coaches understand their players better. It will empower the coaches to bring the best out of each athlete by understanding the true potential each athlete possesses along with their character, behavioral and communication styles. It will help them create chemistry in their teams and build stronger teams to play at amateur levels increasing the competition at grass root level.

Equipment doesn’t win championships, people do and the Elite Junior Profiles Team Program helps coaches and organization power the people side of their sport with the DISC Enhanced Profile™.

The DISC Enhanced Profile’s™ primary purpose is helping the athlete in developing self-awareness and providing a framework for the coaching staff to understand, then build effective relationships with their players. With the DISC Enhanced Profile™, coaches can help their team be consistent top performers, develop self-awareness, improve communication, foster productive relationships, tailor their coaching to build strong team chemistry, be effective with team role allocation, make informed recruitment decisions, and deliver best practice leadership training with a DISC Certified Trainer & Coach. 

Elite Junior Profiles Announces Several Strategic Partnerships

Elite Junior Profiles has recently partnered with several coaches, organizations and other companies that provide resources for student-athletes and their parents which include: Richmond Generals USPHL, Hampton Roads Whalers USPHL, NC Golden Bears EHL, Boston Bandits USPHL, Windsor Spitfires OHL, Florida Panthers U18 AAA, Carolina Jr Canes Youth Hockey, Coach RC Lyke, Coach Brad Jones, Coach John Muckler Jr, Coach Perry Wilson, Coach Pierre Deschesnes, Coach Lincoln Flagg, Coach Daryl Dotson,  Scout Shaun Falzone, Scout Jared Pike and Scout Scot Neves.

Elite Junior Profiles is seeking strategic partnerships with coaches, teams and organizations in all sports. While they have a concentration in the hockey world currently due to their founder being a college hockey coach, Elite Junior Profiles is for student-athletes in all sports and even for students who have gifts in other areas like music, theatre and the arts. “We aim to serve all student-athletes across all sports along with students who also have aspirations in the liberal arts including music and theatre,” remarked Paul Pechmann.

About Elite Junior Profiles

Elite Junior Profiles (EJP) assists high-achieving student-athletes and their parents build, grow, enhance and showcase the student-athlete’s online profile with their social media info and resume including accomplishments, abilities, awards and future goals to prospective scouts, colleges, coaches, committees and organizations.

The mission at Elite Junior Profiles is to truly and positively impact the young adults they are provided the honor of helping and/or advising. Their goal is give them the tools to build a path for their future and create such an exciting profile for the student-athlete that every person will be able to see what they have accomplished to date in the quest to be an elite student-athlete, and more importantly, what the future goals are.

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