Elite Junior Profiles Announces New Partnership With The Dan K Show Live!

Elite Junior Profiles is excited to announce a new partnership with The Dan K Show. Paul Pechmann and Lane Houk, the founders of Elite Junior Profiles made the announcement during the latest episode of the weekly Podcast of The Dan K Show titled Junior Hockey recorded on August 19, 2020.

The show, which is a definitive source for Junior and College Hockey, welcomes guests regularly to engage hockey players, fans, parents and sponsors with relevant content such as news, trends and general happenings in the sports circle.  

The Hockey-focused online show will now be recognized as one of the official partners of Elite Junior Profiles with the two entities working harmoniously together to bring more opportunities to young Hockey players across the country.

What Does The Partnership Mean For The Junior and College Hockey Community?

According Paul and Houk, Elite Junior Profiles will be partnering with The Dan K Show to help high-achieving students-athletes as well as their parents build, grow, and showcase the student-athletes’ profiles to prospective scouts, colleges, coaches, committees and organizations. The partnership will help build a robust working relationship toward connecting hockey youngsters to the greater opportunities to maximize their potentials to the fullest.

About The Dan K Show

Launched in 2013, and anchored by Dan K and Lucas, The Dan K Show is a prominent online broadcast platform dedicated to providing Hockey lovers and the general public with updates, highlights and in-depth analyses covering Junior and College Hockey landscapes. Dan and Lucas travel to various Junior and College Hockey events around the country, bringing high-energy broadcasts and player interviews to local teams.

About Elite Junior Profiles

Elite Junior Profiles is a platform designed to help student-athletes build a stellar online profile that they can leverage to distinguish themselves in the highly competitive space of junior and college athletics and the college recruitment process.

EJP was founded by Coach Paul Pechmann in partnership with Lane Houk. Lane Houk is a high-profile marketing and software partner that powers the world-class technology, website and marketing efforts for the platform as well as the student-athletes using the platform to build and advance their career.

Paul has been coaching hockey and developing young men for over 12 years in youth, junior and college hockey. He is the current coach for Elon University Men’s Hockey and is also a Tier 2/Tier Junior Hockey Scout and Advisor.

Elite Junior Profiles has been able to forge strong working partnerships and relationships with notable names like United States Premier Hockey League, N Jersey Renegades, Landon Varsity Hockey, NC Golden Bears Hockey, to name a few. 

What Does Elite Junior Profiles Do For Players and Their Parents?

In addition to helping high-achieving student-athletes and their parents to build, enhance and showcase the players’ online profile and resume to prospective scouts, colleges, coaches, committees and organizations, EJP also provides consulting and marketing services for families that need expert assistance navigating their children from high school to college.

Find out how you can join their platform at https://elitejrprofiles.com/ Don’t forget to follow the Dan K Show on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @The_DanKShow

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