EHL Announces Agreement with Elite Junior Profiles

The Eastern Hockey League (EHL) and Eastern Hockey League Premier (EHLP) are pleased to announce a new partnership with Elite Junior Profiles (EJP).

EHL Announces Agreement with Elite Junior Profiles | Elite Junior Profiles

The EJP platform is custom-tailored to give them all the information they asked for, and then some. With their DISC Enhanced Profile™, EJP provides coaches deep insight into the character, personality, and communication profile of the student-athlete along with a rich dataset of information that no other profile service on the web provides today.

“I am excited to get this partnership started,” said Neil Ravin, the league’s Director of Communications. “With every decision that we make as a league, the primary focus always remains on our players. We are always looking to find additional ways to promote our players, and for them to promote themselves.”

EJP will give all the EHL and EHLP players a chance to create a profile that best fits them. The players will get the chance to highlight every aspect of themself, and showcase who they are as both a student and an athlete.

“Elite Junior Profiles is extremely excited to partner with the Eastern Hockey League,” said Paul Pechmann, the Co-Founder of EJP. “We look forward to assisting all high-achieving student-athletes (and their parents) build, grow, enhance, and showcase the student-athlete’s accomplishments, abilities, awards and future goals to prospective scouts, colleges, coaches, committees, and organizations. I feel our platform, plus the historic success of the EHL, makes this partnership very exciting in our mutual quest to help student-athletes reach their college and professional goals.”

Stay tuned for more news and updates from the #Eshow, as we gear up to drop the puck on Friday, September 18th.

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