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I am a 2002 player with over 130 junior hockey games (EHL/USPHL) and am committed to the University of Utah Men’s D1 team for the 23-24 season.

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Shaun is a dynamic student-athlete with a 3.8 GPA (4.04 weighted) who has played 4 years of junior hockey and has logged over 100 junior hockey games before graduating high school in 2021. He was the 3rd overall youngest player in the USPHL as a 15-year-old first year junior player. Shaun played in the EHL Junior A with the Philadelphia Revolution under coach Jon Rogger and GM Chris Kanaly in 2019. Shaun amassed 23 points in his first junior season and was the defensive point leader for his Carolina Eagles Elite team. He was also selected to the South Division All-Star Team by the USPHL coaches establishing himself as one of the top young defensemen prospects in the USPHL. In his second junior season, Shaun quickly rose through the ranks of the Philadelphia Revolution defensive corp and earned the respect of fellow teammates and coaches as the youngest player on the Junior A team who established himself as a dependable player week in and out amongst 19 and 20-year-olds. Shaun played in the USPHL Premier league with the Richmond Generals for the 20-21 season and is back in the EHL with the Philly Little Flyers under Coach Mark Catron for the 21-22 season.

When away from the ice, Shaun enjoys golfing, hunting, shooting and fishing with golf being his second passion as a sport. His favorite hockey player is Drew Doughty and Shaun likes to model his game after this all-star hockey player from the NHL Los Angeles Kings. 

Salt Lake City
United States
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Your Strengths:

  • You tend to be self-directed with a strong sense of accountability. Your “The buck stops here” attitude is driven by the high “D” scoring.
  • You provide a results-oriented approach without getting frantic.
  • You can be successful working independently or with others, a trait shared with others showing high “D” and “S” preferences.
  • You have the ability to find inefficiencies and overlapping efforts for a system or project.
  • You set goals for yourself, even if no goals are made explicit.
  • You are always looking for better ways to solve complex problems.
  • You readily voice opinions, after analyzing issues objectively.

Your Work Style Tendencies:

  • You are able to remain emotionally detached from issues related to the task.
  • You use facts and details more than emotions in decision making.
  • You may check on the progress of others to be certain that they are meeting their responsibilities.
  • You are ready to accept the credit or the blame for your results.
  • You may do some routine work yourself to be certain it’s done properly, or to avoid having your requests refused.
  • You like to coordinate your efforts with others on the team.
  • You may evaluate your own goals, in addition to group or team goals, prior to complete buy-in.

You Tend to Be Most Effective In Environments That Provide:

  • Objective, non-emotional thinking and analysis.
  • The ability to set your own pace, and maintain that pace.
  • Assignments that can be followed through to completion, with a definite beginning, middle, and end.
  • Logic, decisiveness, and the ability to provide bottom-line answers.
  • Work of a more technical nature, rather than work involving an intense degree of interpersonal contacts.
  • A systematic approach to projects, with clear tasks for all.
  • Logical analysis of situations, and persistence in follow-through.
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NC Cyber Academy
Freshman College (Online)

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Philadelphia Revolution EHL
Wisconsin Rapids Riverkings

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