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Goalie for the Twin City Thunder of the NCDC

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My name is Nick Bernstein and I was born on 01/19/2001 out of Valley View, OH. I have grown up playing hockey since I was 4 years old. I consider myself to be very competitive in every activity that I participate in. If I were to describe myself as a person and teammate using only a few words they would consist of being committed, compassionate, and accountable. I care tremendously about everyone in our program and strive everyday to better myself as a person and teammate. I believe in treating everyone as if they were family. 

Valley View
United States
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  • You are able to provide factual, authoritative, and objective communication on topics to which you have given proper intellectual consideration.
  • You tend to be patient in working with others.
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  • You utilize a very deliberate and systematic approach in analyzing answers and creating solutions.
  • You are able to assimilate complex information and develop conclusions based on data, rather than emotions.
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  • You are able to demonstrate independence from the team and take your own path, based on analysis of the facts and data.
  • You demonstrate patience in working with people, but also maintain a bit of an emotional distance from others on the team.
  • You may tend to be most productive when working alone and undisturbed.
  • You are able to research into a variety of complexities and emerge with new facts that can be of value in future decision making.
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St. Ignatius High School

x2 OHSAA Hockey State Champion

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Richmond Generals
Twin City Thunder

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