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Luke is a creative/analytical thinker with tremendous leadership skills. Speed is his weapon combined with gritty, selfless play that brings out the best in his linemates and team.

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General Profile Information

I played in the EHL last season with the Philadelphia Revolution. I was nominated by both teammates and coaches to be the Captain of my Carolina Eagles Elite Junior team for the 2018-19 season. I am a top-notch student and am planning on going to college for a BS in Nursing and then to Medical School. My near-term goal is to play hockey in college at the DIII level for a college with nursing and medical school degree options.

My character and work ethic are traits that all previous coaches remark about and which will be an asset to any future teams and coaches I play for. My ultimate goal and dream is to play competitive college hockey while receiving a fantastic education at a University where I intend to study Nursing, ultimately preparing me to apply for Medical School after undergrad, in the ultimate pursuit of becoming a Cardiac Surgeon. I have always kept academics the main focus and I strive to excel academically every day.

One of the principles I have built my life and character around is to never give up. There have been many times I have been tempted to quit or get discouraged in hockey. I am a very dedicated and driven individual. I am constantly setting and changing my goals and striving to meet and excel beyond them. I work well under pressure, think rationally, and am mentally tough. Hockey has been an amazing tool to mold my character and prepare me for life beyond the ice and even beyond the classroom. Outside of a crazy academic and hockey schedule, I started and own my own auto detailing business, Mobile Detail Doctor, as well as an online e-commerce business. Both endeavors have taught me much about owning and running a business already.

My detailing business website is:

5' 9"
United States
DISC Enhanced Section | Character Traits & Behavioral Profile
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Your Strengths:

  • You are a very creative thinker and innovator.
  • You consider many alternatives, theories, and possibilities in your problem-solving approach.
  • You are able to find solutions quickly, with a high degree of quality control.
  • You have the ability to use your imagination and take calculated risks in developing new solutions to problems.
  • You put hard work and heavy effort into finding the best possible answers to questions or problems.
  • You are able to make decisions having the bottom-line in mind.
  • You tend to be a strong agent of change.
  • Luke likes to be perceived as a pacesetter — one who comes up with new ideas and creative solutions.

  • Luke tends to be assertive and responsive to creative ideas and solutions. When in creative mode, he may tend to withdraw a bit and process information internally. Once the decision has been made, or the solution created, he emerges as a more assertive and mission-focused leader. Luke scores like those who push the envelope of their own creativity, and tend to lead their teams to optimal performance.

Your Work Style Tendencies:

  • Your ability to quickly analyze the facts allows you to show dominance in many new situations.
  • You may tend to vacillate on some decisions, wanting to make the highest-quality choice possible, and may keep the “data gate” open too long. As a result, you may later be forced to make a decision under crisis.
  • You are able to look at a project from a “big picture” perspective, while keeping track of the details and minutiae that contribute to each step.
  • You are motivated to be an initiator of creative new ideas, and may be seen as an agent of change within an organization.
  • You are motivated to be creative and tend to become bored with routine work.
  • You motivate others on the team with a sense of competition and urgency.
  • You enjoy developing new systems and procedures to increase efficiency or quality control.

You Tend to Be Most Effective In Environments That Provide:

  • Support which allows you to focus maximum effort on the job tasks, and not to be concerned with social protocol.
  • Security and confidence in quality control measures.
  • Time to react to alternatives, but also support for the fact that the clock is ticking.
  • Power and authority to make decisions and create change.
  • Freedom to create in new and different ways.
  • Opportunity for advancement to positions allowing for creativity
Academic Profile
Heritage H.S.
High School
BSN – Nursing then Medical School

Cum Laude and Presidential Award of Excellence – HS Graduating Class 2019; National Honor Society, Honor Roll, Presidential Honor Roll, Varsity Hockey POTY and MVP

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Prior Teams, Coaches and References
Philadelphia Revolution EHL
Richmond Generals USPHL Premier

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