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I’m a junior hockey player, business owner, and web dev. I am interested in expanding my knowledge of entrepreneurship and Com Sci while exceeding my potential as an athlete.

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Ice Hockey
New York
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Your Strengths:

  • You have an excellent, considerate, analytical listening style.
  • You take your responsibilities seriously and exercise your authority in a sincere and conscientious manner.
  • You are not an extremist and tend to be supportive of team efforts.
  • You may be sought after by other members of the team because of your complete knowledge of processes and procedures.
  • You maintain a high degree of accuracy while keeping an eye toward project deadlines.
  • You provide an objective, reality-focused view of systems, procedures, and organizational operations.
  • You demonstrate a high degree of technical specialty and skill in your area of expertise.

Your Behavioral Style Tendencies:

  • You tend to judge others on the job by objective standards and prefer to be evaluated yourself in the same way.
  • You may get bogged down in details due to your tendency to keep the “data gate” open too long. You always worry that there may be more information forthcoming that can impact the direction of the decision.
  • You like your workspace to be neat, well organized, and tidy, with everything in its place.
  • You give careful consideration to all variables and input on a project. This process may take a bit more time, but it will yield a quality outcome.
  • You will take calculated, educated risks only after a thoughtful analysis of the facts and data, and after you have examined all options and potential outcomes.
  • You are highly conscientious and can be relied on to follow through on detailed projects and complex assignments.
  • On work-related projects, you tend to be restrained and reticent with your emotions. You may not be openly verbal at a team or organizational meeting unless asked for input, or if the topic is of high personal importance.

You Tend to Be Most Effective In Environments That Provide:

  • A secure work situation.
  • A work culture that demonstrates sincere care for the people involved.
  • Activities that can be monitored from beginning to end.
  • A workplace relatively free of interpersonal conflict and hostility.
  • A close-knit group of people with whom you have developed mutual trust, rapport, and credibility.
  • Established practices, procedures, and protocols.
  • Clear lines of authority and areas of responsibility, with minimal ambiguities.
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