Student-Athlete Feature Story Discovery Form

Please complete this form so that we can combine the information from your profile with this form for our writing team to build and write a feature story that will showcase who you are as a student-athlete and unique personality. The better and more thorough your answers are to these questions, the better we can do in writing a feature story about you for coaches, recruiters and the media and uniquely differentiate you and your profile so take your time and do a good job in giving us answers to these important questions!

  • Quick Personal Info

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    Please give us a few photos/videos we can use in the story or highlight video about you (ie. profile photo plus a few action or other meaningful photos of you)
  • Discovery Questions

    These questions are important to answer to give us a good background on who you are, what interests you and accomplishments/achievements you have attained. NOTE: If any question below doesn’t apply for any reason, please just answer N/A in the form field.
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    If not it’s a good time to call a few up and ask them to write a reference letter or email you something and send these to us when you receive them AND add them to your profile!

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