What is a "DISC Enhanced Profile™?"

At Elite Junior Profiles, all students and athletes are encouraged to create a basic profile about themselves. This profile can be used in resumes and applications and your online profile URL/link can be shared with coaches, recruiters, selection committees and anyone else you want to know more about you!

A basic profile allows you to complete key and critical information about you as a person, student, and athlete.

A DISC ENHANCED PROFILE™ is a basic profile with a serious upgrade that includes deeply rich information about you as a person, your character traits and your personality profile along with two reports in PDF format for coaches and scouts.

Why every student-athlete working to play their sport in college should have a DISC Enhanced Profile™ —

To answer this question, let’s first define WHY a student-athlete should build and have a thorough and complete online profile…. you want to get recruited right? You want to reach the next level in your sport right? You want that coveted spot on the team or at a certain college or with a certain organization. The challenge is that these pursuits are HIGHLY COMPETITIVE and there are a lot more applicants than there are spots. Whether that’s a college or a team or a future job… if it’s a coveted position or spot, there will ALWAYS be more applicants than available positions.

So who gets the nod? Who gets chosen by the scouts and coaches? Who gets the coveted job offer? The answer is always the same… it’s the ONE’S WHO STAND OUT, DIFFERENTIATE and DO A BETTER JOB MARKETING THEMSELVES.

Yes, you need to be persistent and passionate in that pursuit too, but don’t you think that most if not all the others competing for the same spot are also going to be persistent and passionate? You bet they are/will be. Not all but most will be.

So the purpose of creating, building and growing a superior online profile is to stand out and be different while simultaneously making it super-easy for a coach or a scout to get to know you; who you are, what drives you and what character strengths you bring to the table (or team).

Our unique and proprietary DISC Enhanced Profile™ includes a short character strengths assessment (24 easy questions that have no right or wrong answers) that will help distinguish your personality type and character traits that are your strengths and provide you, your parents, current coaches and potential future coaches/scouts a deep look at who you are, what makes you tick, how to communicate with you, motivate you while also helping you more fully communicate your Unique Value Proposition to everyone you touch.

Coaches want to know their candidates; really know them, not just the stats. Last season’s stats and your achievements are great but do you think this gives a coach real, deep insight into who you are and whether you will be a good fit for their team? Not a chance.

We know (and have surveyed) dozens of college, junior and youth coaches who are all very experienced coaches themselves. Coaches don’t just want stats, they want to know the person and that means you, the person and your character!

Our DISC Enhanced Profile™ includes PDF reports of your DISC Profile plus a Scouting & Recruitment report which includes:

If you want to really create a strong profile that makes you stand out and differentiate yourself from your competition, then it’s time to make a small investment in yourself with a DISC Enhanced Profile™ from Elite Junior Profiles.

Questions? Feel free to contact us via the Live Chat option or send us an email to [email protected]

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